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Employee Theft Investigations

Employee Theft is a growing problem in today's business world. Employee theft can take many forms, from stealing office supplies or merchandise, to stealing time by improperly reporting sick leave and vacation, to stealing intellectual property and confidential information. When employee theft is discovered, the employer/owner feels violated and often reacts out of emotion. Remembering that this is a business problem and addressing it as such will aid in quick resolution and prevention.

Mace Investigations is able to assist by:

  • Conducting an impartial investigation.
  • Reviewing policies and procedures.
  • Conducting background checks on employees.
  • Setting up covert video surveillance.
  • Working with a forensic accountant or computer examiner.
  • Interview employees.
  • Interview the suspected employee in a professional manner.
  • Complete an unbiased report summarizing the investigation.
  • Work with law enforcement as needed.
  • Provide unimpeachable court testimony.
  • Offer recommendations for a permanent video surveillance camera system if necessary.

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