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High Risk Termination Security

Safeguarding you, your employees and your facilities in high-risk termination matters. Our goal is to minimize your exposure to violence and to maintain a safe, productive workplace. Workplace violence is occurring at an alarming rate and many workplace violence matters are encountered when an "at-risk" employee is terminated.

Mace Investigations provide:

  • A professional presence and sense of security for the company.
  • Retired law enforcement personnel with extensive experience in conflict management and dealing with tense and emotionally charged situations.
  • An unbiased third party witness.
  • Armed professionals prepared to deal with the worst possible scenario.
  • Ability to surreptitiously audio or video record the termination.
  • Offer advice on preparation for the termination such as the location of the meeting, a security sweep of the meeting area and areas the employee will have access to, how to arrange for the employee to gather their personal belongings, and an exit route out of the building and off the premises.
  • Assure the employee leaves the premises without any damage to company or employee property.
  • Contact the local law enforcement agency and arrange for premise checks and special attention.
  • Provide a security presence following the termination in the event the terminated employee returns with bad intentions.
  • A debriefing of what worked well and what did not for both the Client and the Agency.

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