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Matrimonial Investigations

  Despite the change in the divorce laws with No-Fault Divorce, many people still request the assistance of a Private Investigator. Most of the time it is to find out one way or another if their spouse is cheating on them. Other people suspect their spouse is hiding assets such as property, homes, vehicles and businesses.

  We can conduct an investigation using surveillance and GPS Tracking to determine if a person has a secret romantic relationship, a gambling or drinking problem, or may be involved in some other activity detrimental to the relationship. We have not only confirmed the extra-marital activity, we have sometimes assured our clients their concerns were unfounded leaving them feeling much more secure in their relationship.

  Mace Investigations, LLC partners with another firm that is focused on forensic exams of computers, PDA's and cell phones to recover data such as emails and text messages, even if they have been deleted.