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School District Investigations

Dave Mace is currently employed as a part-time Internal Investigator with the Rochester City School District and available to assist other school districts.

School Residency Verification:

Determine if a family is in fact living within the school district the student is attending.  We will conduct public records searches, conduct video surveillance to document where the student leaves a residence in the morning, where the student goes after school, how the student is transported to and from school, and where they sleep at night.

Internal Personnel Investigations:

Conduct confidential and impartial internal investigations involving alleged misconduct by an employee.  These investigations include sexual harassment; age discrimination; excessive force by staff or faculty; employee theft; activity checks; and surveillance. Follow-up on employee arrests outside their employment that may affect their employment with the school district as a security guard, bus driver, teacher or to have contact with students.  

Employee Theft:

Determine if employees are stealing from the district by theft; workers' compensation fraud; conducting personal business on district time; or use of district vehicles for personal business.  A GPS tracker can be installed to monitor where a vehicle is at all times and any deviation from approved travel noted. 

Pre-Employment Background Checks:

Verify previous employment, workers' compensation claims, references, criminal reccord checks, driving history, credit checks and residency verification.

High Risk Terminations:

Safeguarding the School District, it's employees and district facilities in high-risk termination matters. Our goal is to minimize exposure to violence and to maintain a safe, productive workplace.  Workplace violence is occurring at an alarming rate and many workplace violence matters are encountered when an "at-risk" employee is terminated. 

Video Surveillance:

Covert video surveillance on school district property or anytime the employee is in a public place. 

Live GPS Tracking of School District Vehicles:

Utilize a GPS tracking device to monitor the vehicle's exact location and provide a historical record of the vehicle's movements and stops.  The GPS can be monitored from a laptop or PDA allowing a "loose tail" of the subject vehicle and more efficient surveillance.  A report of daily mileage and all stops and movement is generated.  A "screen shot" of the vehicle's location superimposed over a map is useful to show the vehicle's location at an exact date and time.