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Workers' Compensation Fraud

Employees and employers can commit worker's compensation fraud when they misrepresent facts to gain personal benefits that they are not legally entitled to or when they withhold awarding rightly owned benefits to employees.

Employees commit this type of fraud when they falsely claim to injure themselves at work, when in fact, the injury occurred outside the workplace. Worker compensation fraud also includes employees exaggerating and being dishonest about their work injuries to receive benefits, such as disability benefits, while working at another job.

Employers commit worker's compensation fraud when they misrepresent information by avoiding, denying or obtaining compensation on behalf of their employees, or knowingly withhold information to discourage employees from filing a claim in the case of an injury. For instance, an employer cannot falsely inform his or her employee that worker's compensation is only applicable to those who have worked at least six months or more.

Mace Investigations, LLC will investigate an employee suspected of committing workers' comp fraud by:

  • Meeting with the Client and reviewing the Client's case file for background information on the employee.
  • Database searches.
  • Social networking searches.
  • Surveillance of the individual at their home, place of work or while in a public place.
  • Document the Subject's activity on video.
  • In-person requests for employment records or by subpoena/court order.
  • Interviews of co-workers and supervisors.
  • Complete a written report of findings.
  • Provide courtroom testimony as required.
  • Other tasks as directed by the Client.